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Research projects

  • The Sleepy Brain project was a large multimodal brain imaging study of sleep deprivation, funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. We showed, among other things, that sleep deprivation caused increased variability of blood flow and reduced functional connectivity in the brain. We have shared the rich dataset from this project, which has led to numerous collaborations and re-use by other teams. Analyses of data from the Sleepy Brain project still continues.
  • The EEGManyPipelines project aims to investigate the variability in analysis strategies and results in EEG research. In this uniquely decentralised and community-based project, we have recruited 168 independent research teams that have analysed an EEG dataset in the way they found most appropriate. The project is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.
  • “Exhaustion Disorder: an Appraisal” is a collaborative project with the research group of Christian Rück, where we have conducted a scoping review of all research conducted on exhaustion disorder, a putative stress-related diagnosis which is associated with a high disease burden in Sweden, the only country where the diagnosis has been introduced into the disease classification system. The project is funded by Region Stockholm.
  • Skills4EOSC brings together experiences of Open Science and Data Competence Centres from 18 European countries with the goal of unifying the training landscape into a pan-European ecosystem, in order to accelerate the upskilling of European researchers and data professionals in data management and sharing. I am responsible for the contribution of Karolinska Institutet to his large consortium.
  • Systematic evaluation of clinical trial reporting at medical universities and university hospitals in the Nordic countries: in this project, we are following up reporting of registered and completed trials in the Nordic countries in order to help improve the evidence base for clinical practice. We will provide metrics to compare institutional performance and we will work together with stakeholders to improve reporting based on our data.

In addition to the above, I am involved in numerous collaborations including the EEGManyLabs project, the SCORE project, the ENIGMA-Sleep working group, and the Psychological Science Accelerator.